3 Quick and Easy Ways to Refresh Your Brand

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Refresh Your Brand

We’re all about cultivating our brands at TBH and refreshing your brand is one of the first themes that come to mind with keep our digital spaces relevant and competitive. We pulled in one of our favs, Jasmine Easter, to give us some insight on refreshing our brands by adding in small touches to make it feel new without bringing on a designer.

Jasmine Easter is a Brand and Website Designer for women-led businesses who are ready to level up their digital presence and attract high paying clients.

She’s helped many women better connect with their audience, generate more leads, and overall feel more confident about their brands with a strong strategy partnered with beautiful design. Her mission is to help women understand that strategy, intentional design, and execution are the blueprint behind crafting the Refresh Your Brand of their dreams.

With social media and digital trends changing every couple of months, it’s easy to get influenced into constantly switching up your visuals. You see a cool idea from a competitor or a design trend you’ve never thought of and you think, “it’s time for me to start over”and that may not be entirely true. There are many ways that you can play on current trends and tie it with your current branding in order to stay fresh, cute, and consistent.

Depending on where you are in your journey and what’s going on behind the scenes, you may be having a hard time deciphering between a rebrand and a refresh. With a rebrand, you need to sit down and shift your entire brand and make sure the refreshed visual presence matches your internal new ideas. With a refresh, you’re just giving your Refresh Your Brand some new elements but keeping the overall ideals and mantras the same.

Now, before I dive into the top 3 ways you can refresh your brand, I’d like to point out that there are a huge signs that you need a rebrand vs. a refresh:

  • Your logo is super trendy and/or outdated
  • Your business structure (i.e. your products and services) has changed
  • You can’t connect with your branding at all– in a way that makes you feel ashamed or embarrassed to promote it.

If you’re feeling any of those three things, then it’s time for a complete rebrand but a Refresh Your Brand could be a way to spice things up without having to completely overhaul the brand until you can afford a professional or take the time to DIY.

Here are a few ways to get you moving in the right direction:

Update Your Brand Photography

There is nothing that brings a visual identity together and gives it more personality than great photos. You can use the new photos for your website, social media profiles, and additional marketing collateral. It’s all about making sure that you get a variety of great curated shots and partner with a photographer who naturally understands your aesthetic and editing style.

Before the shoot, I create a photoshoot strategy guide so that the photographer and I don’t have to ‘guess’ what we’re looking for. The photoshoot strategy guide is essentially a list of different shots you want, locations you’d like to shoot at, and a collection of images that have the aesthetic, poses, or shot style that you’re looking for. I highly recommend doing these for each shoot.

When it comes to doing my brand photo shoots, I always try to make sure that I plan at least 2 outfits so that I can work with different looks (I typically go for one casual, and one more dressy) and get branded stock photos that don’t include my face to use throughout my feed and website.

Update Your Color Palette

Updating your color palette can be a little tricky, but it’s a really quick way to add something Refresh Your Brand. If you’ve previously worked with a designer to curate your visual identity, I don’t recommend creating a completely new color palette but instead, simply adding one color or removing a color if you have too many (for example, 5+). It seems like a really simple change but it can make a really huge difference.

If you’re nervous about trying this new color palette out on your website or more permanent collateral like a media kit or business cards, I’d recommend creating social media graphics with them first and testing out how your audience responds to the update. Larger brands will curate color palettes that coincide with the seasons, so they’ll add a brighter color to use during summer promotion, and a darker color to use during the winter and fall. Pintrest is a great place to keep up with different brands and designers and how they use various colors to accentuate their brand.

If you need more help trying to figure out what color to add, check out Adobe Color CC. It’s a free online tool to help you create easy color palettes based on existing colors or pictures.

Update Your Fonts

Choosing new fonts is another update that can really add life to Refresh Your Brand but, it’s easy to get caught up in choosing the wrong one. One thing I’d like to drive home is to pick fonts that already fit with your existing brand identity and messaging. You may see a really cute font that inspires you to create a whole new identity and I’m here to say, “don’t do it. “ Do research for what feelings are evoked by seeing certain fonts and typefaces, then think about the feelings you want your target audience to feel when they come in contact with your brand. By evoking existing feelings already associated with your brand, your new fonts will seem like a simple Refresh Your Brand instead of a complete rebrand.

You may need to only change your heading font, your body font, or both. Just make sure that you are using fonts that have good contrast. My favorite place to purchase fonts is from Creative Market and they often have fonts sold in pairs that are already perfectly in tune with one another. When choosing, remember to pick only legible fonts. Nothing is worse than a script font that is super cute, but no one can read it.

Also as a reminder with fonts you find online, not all of them are free or available for commercial use (i.e. for a product you plan to sell) so, be sure you have the correct licensing in place so that you can create and sell whatever you want to without restrictions.

If you’re nervous about introducing something slightly new, I suggest testing the font out on your social media profiles and seeing how your audience engages with it. Many companies will change up a font for promotional campaigns – so give it a shot and see how it works for you.

Those are 3 really easy and quick to add life to your brand without creating an entirely different look and that will help boost your confidence in your visuals! Rebranding without a designer doesn’t have to be a headache but of course, if you need a professional designer on your side to rebuild your visual identity, you can visit my site below to schedule a consultation.

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