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Episode zero: Let’s Do a Round of Introductions

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In our first introductory video (before the first real one), we just wanted to do an overview of where we’ve come from since 2016, where The Bronze Hustle is now and where we’re going, especially with our new video series, Coffee Chats.

Let’s rewind. What are Coffee Chats? These short videos are conversations between our Creator, Shay Duriel, and you. These videos are meant to cover multiple topics all centered around lifestyle and the multifaceted entrepreneurial woman. What better way to dish about some of everything than over coffee?

each coffee chat will feature 3 main parts:

  1. What we’re talking about: A hot topic that we’ve seen online, currently experiencing within our work with The Bronze Hustle or just something that impacts us as entrepreneurial women.
  2. What we’re learning: Related to the hot topic, this is what we’re learning or unlearning. Sometimes that looks like a tangible tip or a figurative learning or unlearning in order to move forward.
  3. What we’re loving: This is what we’re obsessed with behind the scenes at The Bronze Hustle. Everything from business tools to candles and everything in between.

watch our first (introductory) episode here

Every episode will be available here at, on our IGTV on Instagram @thebronzehustle and on our new Youtube channel. On IGTV, we decided to split this in 2 parts because it got a little lengthy, but the full video is linked below:

if you would rather read:

With every episode, you can always catch the transcript and any additonal links online.

Before we continue, the transcript has been edited for brevity but still a little lengthy. So seriously, grab a cup of your favorite coffee or tea and a snack and read along with us.

Hi, welcome to the first introduction of our new video series, Coffee Chats. So let’s dig right on in. Go ahead and grab your coffee and let’s just dig into what these coffee chat videos are going to be about!

Introductions: What is the Bronze Hustle?

Okay, so before we dig into the Coffee Chat, I just need to go ahead and do a round of introductions. This is our first unofficial (introductory) episode of the Coffee Chat just to get you guys up to speed on what we’re doing at The Bronze Hustle and what these videos will encompass. So before we begin, I’m Shay Duriel, I’m the creator of The Bronze Hustle. I launched The Bronze Hustle back in 2016 and it started off as being more of a passion project. It started off as being a way for me to express my creativity outside of college and really just get those blogging skills and those writing skills out online. The Bronze Hustle began as an infopreneur website because people were interested in starting their own website and constantly coming to me for branding and social media tips.

The Bronze Hustle is not just a blog anymore, we’re a media company. We’re a media company that is focused on the “360 black woman’s experience.” It’s a complete circle about what your life involves, not just as being an entrepreneur or a side hustler or a business owner, whatever title that you use, it’s also about your lifestyle and wellness. What are you interested in outside of your business and outside of what you do day-to-day as Black entrepreneurial women? So those things, including our self-growth and just honestly becoming better versions of ourselves. 

So what I ended up coming up with within our rebranding phase that we’ve been in for a minute, is not just hustling, but really being against over hustling, over-grinding and just grinding ourselves to the bone. Absolutely not. We don’t do that ever here and in reality, what I want to relay to our audience at The Bronze Hustle is redefining the hustle. So what does that mean for you? What does that mean for your brand? And most importantly, What does your hustle look like? 

what are coffee chats?

Coffee Chat videos are just little conversational videos between you and I (Shay Duriel). I happened to somewhat be the face of The Bronze Hustle, but in all honesty, I don’t want to be, I don’t want to be the host per se.  I want this to be a conversation between us two, as girlfriends with our inner circle. At The Bronze Hustle, we call our inner circle, our homegirls or our biz besties. Our inner circle are those people who we really bounce ideas off of and opinions and hot topics off of. So that’s all our Coffee Chat videos are: our way of having those conversations over coffee. 

We mentioned the three parts that every Coffee Chat video will have here within the video but also mentioned it above so we won’t repeat it since you’re reading.

What we’re talking about- Let’s run through what our actual coffee chat will look like

If you watched the videos on Instagram on @thebronzehustle, this is where the second video picks up.

For this Coffee Chat, what we’re talking about is consistency. I know it’s one of my least favorite words and probably one of your least favorite words as well. As far as how we build our brands, how we build our lives around whatever we’re working on, has a lot to do with what our consistency even really looks like.

When people talk about consistency, I feel like it becomes very black and white: like waking up at a certain time or doing your workouts for certain hours. With any tip, insight or advice, you also have to customize it for yourself. What does your consistency actually look like? So with that, does it actually mean staying up late and getting your work done? Or does it mean waking up early to get your work done? Is it configuring your schedule so that you have a lot more time to get your work done or record videos like these? 

What we’re talking about is actually figuring out what our consistency looks like, because it’s a moving target. If you’re not actually figuring out what it looks like for you, it’s going to be a moving target regardless if it’s not something that you’ve identified and are able to actually create goals and habits around. Consistency is really just habits that you’re able to consistently do (for lack of better words) to be able to hit those marks because you know what those marks are. We want to start a conversation around what it looks like individually, versus just putting a blanket on what other people have done in the past. What has maybe worked for other people may not necessarily work the exact same way for you. It may not be just copy and paste in that way. 

What we’re learning

What we’re learning from our consistency is that we have to continually assess. Just like how I said we have to know what the goal looks like and what the consistency looks like, we have to also be able to assess once we know those things. That looks like sitting down and pulling out our journal (or a Google or Word doc) and just figuring out what it looks like on paper and being able to learn it for yourself.

When you have that down, you know “I’m not able to do ____,” you are able to knock off that self-doubt and stop beating yourself up about it because it’s not actually something that you’re able to do.

What we’re loving

We’re going to post these videos on the website as well, but I’m going to actually show you guys on the website (hey girl hey!) what equipment that I’m recording with while I’m in the middle of my living room. So we’re making it work. 

What we’re loving is honestly investing in things in order to take those excuses away.

So for me, this moment was lighting equipment, right?  Originally,  I actually bought lighting equipment that didn’t work at all. I was getting ready to record, thank God I hadn’t done my makeup or gotten dressed yet, and I tried to put my phone up on the tripod. It kept falling. It would not hold my phone. Like at all. I was just like, super like annoyed with that moment. So in that moment it was a switch for me to be like, “okay, is this something that’s gonna hold me back? Am I going to be so annoyed?  I’m just not going to record at all? Or am I just going to figure out some other equipment?” 

 In general, what we’re loving is things that help us to take off any excuse and help us to move forward, put our best foot forward and actually just keep going. As small as lighting equipment may be, no one wants to waste $50+ on lights and tripods that don’t work, or that you’re just going to let sit in the corner.

I hope that this introductory video was something that helps you understand more about The Bronze Hustle, what this brand is all about, and what these Coffees Chat videos are going to be all about. I’m just really excited to get things going! We actually have a brand new episode coming up right after this so,  once you watch this one, share it with your friends, let everybody know what we’re doing at The Bronze Hustle. Make sure you stay in tune with us and what we have going on and what we have coming up. It’s a lot of good stuff. So I will see you guys on the next Coffee Chat.

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Thank you for tuning in! If you enjoyed this Coffee Chat episode and have something to add or want to leave us an episode suggestion, let us know in the comments.


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