How to Start Executing Your Vision Confidently

How to Start Executing Your Vision Confidently

Before you come up with a list of excuses after reading the title of this post for why it’s not the right time, your vision doesn’t have to be perfectly articulated for you to be able to execute it.

Our tagline and what we stand for is “Redefining the Hustle,” which doesn’t mean we excuse the work or the hustle altogether but, we’re realigning, refocusing and restructuring how we work and how we execute things. Executing your vision is not going to be an easy feat and it’s not supposed to be— chances are it’s bigger than you but it’s not overpowering you.

It’s bigger than you but it won’t overpower you (…” unless you let it” is silent).

You have the power to see what the vision is and then to reel it in with what you have. There are people who die with million dollar dreams because they let the planning and execution take them out of the running. Planning can be fun but the execution is where it gets scary. With our quest to redefine hustling, we realized one major point we want to mention before we talk about executing our visions:

Redefining the hustle means changing the scale

For some reason, we’ve started to condition ourselves into thinking that our visions can be put on a board that will come to pass in a year’s time. Many of our visions are so big and intricate that they’re just not capable of fully coming to pass in a year. Now, anything can happen but let’s be real and create tangible goals around lofty visions. There are many goals you can accomplish in the next 12 months but, your vision should take more time.

Let’s say your vision is to have a successful marriage. In a year’s time, you will not be able to fully gauge if you were successful or not. One year of marriage is (hopefully) a drop in the bucket. Not only is a year a short amount of time, how you gauge success may not even be timeline related. How many couples do you know that have been married for 20+ years that are not in a happy relationship? Maybe we need to change the scale. Maybe it’s based on how many wins you’ve been able to accomplish as a couple. Maybe it’s related to the hurdles you’ve overcome or how you’ve grown in your communication styles.

Remember not to let anyone else’s scale dictate yours. Their timeline and measurements have nothing to do with your vision and vice versa.

We’ll use TBH as an example: Instead of us focusing on how many products and sales funnels we can release, we changed the scale to focus on building a website of intentional content. Ironically, monetizing and social media, two things everyone is constantly focused on at the top of their lists, have been at the bottom of our list. A very small piece of our bigger vision is to intentionally be known for our website and begin to re-position our streams of income from the traffic we gain and the content that lives on our website. That’s why our aim is to have no filler posts because our next steps will depend on the foundation we’re setting now. It’s all a part of a much bigger outline.

Your vision is an outline

Once you have your vision, it’s an outline and an overview of the entire picture with many moving pieces. It gets clearer and more precise as you develop and work based on the outline but it won’t all “come together” when you have an original thought, it usually falls together over time. That’s why it’s important to take the time to execute it and not let it sit in your Google docs or turn it into a collage that you redo once a year.

Your vision deserves more. You deserve more.

You just have to start somewhere and come up with a more tangible plan based on the greater outline. It won’t happen overnight and it may not even happen in the next year but with smaller checkpoints and goals along the way, you can start chipping away at the bigger picture.

From your vision, you gain insight

Your vision was given to you and once you sit and get the details on what the vision entails, you can then start planning and preparing and maybe listening to a few trusted people around you. Gaining insight and sitting with the vision can look differently for everyone but whether that is quiet time, a solo vacation, journaling or something else, the main ingredient is slowing down and fueling up before you hit the ground running.

When you have a huge idea, your first question is usually “How am I going to figure this out?” Even that question can stress you out because then the question of resources begins to come up and that’s where a lot of people bail.

Instead of asking how can you do it, ask yourself this: “How can I begin setting the foundation?”

Setting the foundation could begin as simply buying a domain name or it could be coming up with a way to build relationships with the people you want to work with. Don’t overwhelm yourself with this question either. Come up with 5 things or less you could begin working on now that will set yourself up so when you get into the smaller details, you’re already one step ahead.

And you know what? Sometimes setting the foundation and getting to the work isn’t necessarily tangible and it’s just listening, living, preparing and researching. When you’re “waiting on your time to shine,” that doesn’t mean doing nothing but it may look like nothing to the people who are looking for Instagram updates. Don’t let a season of stillness turn into stagnancy, though.

With the insight, you begin planning and preparing

When you have a little more of an idea of where you’re going, because we guarantee you won’t have every single moving piece, you can get going and start planning more in-depth. This is where people get stuck: they stay in the planning stage for so long that they psych themselves out of execution. We used to see it all the time with helping women start their blogs. They would spend 6 months researching ways to monetize blogging and different platforms to host their domains and even write a few posts but then it seemed like the launch date never came. If you have the habit of sitting too long in the planning stage, you should set a deadline for yourself or a launch date to get moving on your plans. Everyone’s first round of plans will be trash but you won’t know how to address the holes if you don’t execute.

Then you execute

Whatever the first step towards executing is, do it. If it’s writing a book, you’ll never have a cohesive project if you don’t understand the flow of the chapters and the content. The first step is to outline. Just begin the process of doing it. Fear won’t go away just because you began to execute, you have to feel the fear and anxiety and address it for it what it is: a speed bump. Just keep moving past the speed bumps and you’ll realize how far you’ve come.

Once you begin executing, you amplify

Your vision deserves amplification. Amplifying doesn’t necessarily mean growing your Instagram to 10,000+ followers unless that’s a goal of yours. It just means promoting it and getting the work or pieces of the project into the right hands and under the right eyes. In the first vision post, we talked about the herald running with the message. A better way to look at it is, what’s the greater message you want to amplify? What do you want to be known for? What do you want your business to be known for? With us, we keep screaming “Redefining the hustle” for a reason. We made it our tagline for a reason and we bought the domain name for a reason. It’s ALL a part of something bigger.

Does this post push you to want to work on your vision? Does it add some validity to your mission? We hope so. If you feel comfortable letting us in, leave a comment so we can chat about it.


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