Purposed To Publish: When You Know You Have a Book Living Inside of You

Purposed To Publish: When You Know You Have a Book Living Inside of You

There’s a clear divide between people who are called to be in business and those who just like money and the idea of early retirement. There are also writers who know take any and every assignment, never have a basis behind their words, never spell check, never become better and who were never called to write but do it anyway. Our thought is that there are authors who are the same way: there are some who just like to have their words on a page, are listening to the business advice of setting up themselves as experts, set the goal to publish a Book Living but never truly publish anything that was needed.

This is a post specifically for the writers (or soon to be writers) writers who know their words have weight and that they are purposed to create long pieces of work for their children and their children’s children. The work feels much different when it’s not just for your own personal gain.

When writers who know your purpose, you know it can take on different forms. Think of it as a business portfolio but within your purpose: there can be many ideas and entities run by the same person with the same set of ideals and mantras that further develop your greater purpose. Along with everything else that you already do, think about the legacy and the depth that adding a Book Living to your “purpose portfolio” could create.

“Your book could just be one more thing that further deepens your impact and solidifies your life’s work.”

Jasmine Morris is a writer and the Author of “Returning Home”, a book all about women returning back to The Lord. Jasmine currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia and is a worshipper, writers who know and storyteller online. Jasmine is most known for her storytelling online where she has over 7,500+ women who are following her journey of pursuing the sweetest name —Jesus Christ. Jasmine enjoys ministering to women about restoration in Christ, exploring coffee shops and traveling any time she can.

Not only does Jasmine write and steer women in their faith BUT she also has a mentorship program for authors. Regardless of if you identify as a Christian business owner or not, Jasmine has some encouraging words and advice for us as brand new authors:

I published my book in December 2017 and I remember the feeling before I announced it to the world. I was nervous, feeling a little insecure, excited—but more than anything, I felt ready to share…or so I thought I was. I still remember the excitement of seeing my book on Barnes and Noble’s website or seeing people wanting to buy my book all the way from Germany. God has truly enlarged my book’s territory and I couldn’t be more thankful!

Looking back on that moment, I realized that while I was ready in many ways, I could have prepared even more. That is why my heart is burning to help other aspiring authors reach their full potential in Christ and as an Author. I decided to put together FIVE things that I learned while becoming an Author. I pray these things bless you, equip you and prepare you for the journey ahead!

• Isolation doesn’t lead to success. Man oh, man. I wish I could have grasped the concept of community sooner. I thought being by myself would allow me to focus more. But honestly, it allowed me to constantly be inside my head, overthinking the process. GOOD community equals wisdom. You will need wisdom for the journey ahead. Aspiring authors, you cannot walk alone in this journey…ESPECIALLY if you are self- publishing. Find your tribe and let them IN on the journey. It’s better to go slow with a team of support than to go fast trying to do it by yourself. Get around community…okay?

• Writing a Book Living takes time. PLEASE hear my heart when I say this: writing a book truly takes so much time. Rushing it usually leads to not having the best product. I know we can be super passionate about our work, but trust me when I say, you can be just as passionate and take your time. Honestly, don’t beat yourself up if it takes a year or even longer to write your book. Take your time and set healthy goals for yourself. There’s beauty in the process.

• My book isn’t about me, it’s about Him. I had to learn and relearn this throughout my process. As a Christian, my book isn’t about fame for myself, money or anything. It’s about building His Kingdom and seeing lives be set free, delivered and changed forever. If I can be honest, there were times when I wanted my book to be completed for selfish reasons. Hey, just being honest. I had to allow God to purify my heart over and over again. When we put His glory as the highest aim, He truly has a chance to move through us. It’s powerful.

• Invest in the book. Man. I had to learn, even as a self-published author, that it’s important to invest in the book. While I went with the BEST services (editors, formatters, etc.) I would have invested in a marketing team a little more. This goes back to rushing… don’t rush. Get the photoshoot you want, create the book you really ENVISION and don’t settle.

• Don’t limit yourself. It’s insane how much you can accomplish as a self-published author. My book landed with Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Amazon and is STILL growing even though I published it in December 2017. There are so many more things I still plan to do with it this year–I cannot wait. A book is truly a sound from the Lord, that continues to echo throughout the Earth as long as you put forth the effort to share it with others.

If Jasmine’s words really resonated with you, you often hosts writers who know workshops and has consultations you can book on her website!

Now that we’ve touched on where our books lie in our greater purpose ecosystem and gotten some advice from Jasmine, we need even more actual tangible advice about publishing and creating book content. Through a thread on Twitter, we gathered some amazing insight from authors and self-publishers. Just click the twitter link and read the responses:

Using Jasmine’s advice and the advice of the authors who chimed in on Twitter, it still feels like a lofty idea. Yep, we’re right there with you. We do want to add that just because you stumbled upon this post and love the idea of becoming an author, it doesn’t mean you’re supposed to jump headfirst into writing right this second. As a side note, and if you’re doing this writing thing on purpose, you have to know what season you’re in and if writing your book now should be on your list or if over the next few months or even years, you’ll begin seriously writing.

Here are a few other things you can do in the meantime:

  • Beginning to think of what the title will be and a very brief overview of what the internal chapters will cover
  • Thinking about the options for publishing and if you would rather pursue self-publishing or traditional publishing options when the time comes
  • Taking note of any big themes or lessons you encounter that feel important enough to share. Don’t overthink this- you can start with just using the Notes app on your phone and move it over to your Google docs etc. to build them out.
  • Thinking about how your book will intertwine or be separated from your brand (or if it will become a full-blown business!)
  • Doing an inventory of your “purpose portfolio” and how the book will be apart of your life’s work and legacy.

Let this post serve as a reminder that your personal space is important and so is your written (and later published) contribution to the world.


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