The Real Reason Why You're Stuck in Your Business

The Real Reason Why You’re Stuck in Your Business

Rather you identify as a side hustler, an entrepreneur, an influencer or a title in between, there are certain skills that you can’t bypass in order to move forward.

It doesn’t matter if you are your only employee, one major skill that you must master is decisiveness.

The real reason why it’s difficult for you to move forward with your business is that you have to figure out what moving forward looks like for you and do it. You don’t become an award-winning _______ (fill in the blank with whatever your dream is) by taking months to decide what template to use for your website.

You know those funny posts online about how women never know what they want to eat? That’s cute online but does not fly in Business. Patrice Washington says on the “Redefining Wealth” podcast that decisiveness is a wealth habit and it truly is. Knowing what you want to say, how to say it and when it’s appropriate to quickly make a decision, will affect you and your pockets in the long term.

The first major reason why you need to master decisiveness is that you will create a resource gap if you don’t get it under control.

Your major resources are time, money and energy. If you are indecisive, you will waste your time moving in circles, you will waste your money on things you don’t need and you will waste your energy doing both. And then, your next talking point becomes “I don’t have enough ____ and so that’s why I’m not successful.” No, you’re not maximizing what you have correctly, that’s why you don’t have enough. Before you start buying snacks for your pity party, pay attention to what you’re doing with what you have. There are moms and wives who run 6 and 7 figure companies and there are people who still committed to the work even when their bank account wasn’t where they wanted it to be.

When you use your money incorrectly, all of a sudden you have files you’ve never touched, courses you’ll never complete and a consultation that will be a waste of your time and your potential coach’s time because you based your decision on indecisiveness. Know what you’re looking for and what you need before you move forward. Don’t purchase unless you know it’s helpful and don’t sign up if it’s not something that will be beneficial over time. You have to recognize the trap before it becomes a problem. Savvy business women should be maximizing their resources and catching the leaks within their business, not pretending everything is unlimited business.

Sales language expects you to not have your next move in mind and that’s why you keep purchasing those courses and products you don’t need. Marketers and salespeople know this because sales language feeds on indecisiveness:

“Don’t know if you should buy this course? Buy this product instead.”

“Should you work with that coach? Not sure? Book a consultation or join their email list. ”

Here’s a secret: That’s a marketing tactic to get you to act fast. All of those “purchase this before the price goes up” messages are essentially a tactic used to make sure that the person selling the product or service will hit a certain amount of money before they launch the same thing at a higher price. They accounted for the discounts you could use and the timeline they want you to use them. You act fast out of FOMO instead of out of strategy. FOMO is an emotional marketing strategy, not a strategy you need to actually apply to your real life.

Decisiveness is based on strategy. Indecisiveness is based on emotion.

An indecisive leader can never build a successful business based on how they feel or what would be nice to have. You place facts, the bottom line and data above your emotions.

Here’s a plain example:

“I need this course on Instagram ads because I’m launching a program next month and need to know the correct way to promote it.” Vs. “I feel like I should be learning about Instagram ads because so many people are making money from it.”

It is not the course creators’ duty to research what you need in place before you take their course, it’s yours. Is your profile even optimized to run ads? Where is your ad pointing to? Do you briefly understand funnels to understand the purpose of running ads?

Beyond the resource side, it’s so important to pay attention to what you truly should be doing because…

Indecisiveness will ultimately keep you from your purpose

And from growing and developing into the woman you were called to be. A lot of our work in business is rooted in the work we’re supposed to be doing. A lot of people have begun banking business on helping you explore your purpose so you can be better in your work. And yes, there is a direct tie but you’re going to be doing so much research on how to discover your purpose and what it entails and who you need to be connected to that you miss the big picture.

Your purpose is essentially one over-arching theme that will be revealed to you as always being apart of your life and work. It doesn’t need to be researched, it doesn’t need to be confirmed by another human being, it was given to you at birth. Here we believe in the Christian basis of knowing your purpose, which is that God gives you your purpose and stirs it within you and then as you grow and work and become a more in-tune version of yourself, you begin to be able to connect the dots. Indecisiveness will stagnate you to the point of not being able to connect those dots. Which in turn throws off the work you could’ve been producing, the people you could’ve been helping and the profit you could’ve been making. It would be a shame for you to live another 20 years moving in circles because you didn’t put one foot in front of the other.

Now that we’ve pointed out the problem, let’s offer some quick solutions:

Give your research a timeline

It’s very easy to get caught up in the information hamster wheel when you don’t set perimeters on your research. When you decide to develop your next project or launch, go ahead and plug-in time to research into your timeline. When you come up with a launch date and a tighter timeline and you’ll realize that you don’t have 6 months to sit on Google.

Invest when you need to but do the work in the meantime

If you can’t afford the full website now for your project, don’t let that stop you from doing what you can and creating the income to be able to afford it later. When you do have a little money, recognize what skill set you have and what skills you don’t (and don’t want to be better at) that you should just pay someone to help you execute. Invest where it makes sense to invest and spend time where it makes sense to spend time.

Stop comparing

You have to stop comparing yourself to the next brand. Why? Because you can’t keep up. Your next line of thinking is probably… “What do you mean I can’t keep up? I work really hard!” Yes, but unless you’re in on their planning meetings, you have no idea what they have planned next so essentially you will always be a few steps behind. If you will never know their next move, you will wear yourself out anticipating theirs vs. strategically planning yours.

Practice saying no

When you start producing solid work, people start approaching you. For example, with one of our first Q+A posts, we had people in our inbox asking if they could also be featured. There’s nothing wrong with the ask BUT just like any other media outlet you pitch to, we are quick to say “no” if there is no real story or angle. Passing on a generic post that has been done many times over is a testament to not only the brand we’re aiming to build but also the quality of content we could be creating in its place. It’s not a “no” out of malice, it’s a “no” out of protection and regard for the direction we’re headed in. Sooner than later, we will be monetizing the content on the website, we can’t do that with filler posts we’re not proud of.

So we say all of that to say: start making smarter decisions and watch how many other things line up because of it. When you’re on your game internally with your work, being a woman of your word and backing it up, you’re bound to bring in the right opportunities and being on the right path to creating the career you want to create.


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