Developing Your Purposeful Work Into a Portfolio

Developing Your Purposeful Work Into a Portfolio

With creating content for The Bronze Hustle, we stumbled on the ideas of “personal space” and our “Purposeful Work into a portfolio.” Personal space is another expression of taking up space where we belong and where we should be. It’s easy to just talk about physically and digitally creating space for ourselves but the bigger picture for us is to also tie it back to our own individual foundations and mantras to create a cohesive vision. You can’t move forward without clarity and a strong foundation.

We created this concept to further help us and you develop what you stand for and how you get it done.

When it comes to a “purpose portfolio,” we imagine our Purposeful Work inside a huge folder and a singular idea centered around our God-given purpose and creating other files and folders within that bigger portfolio that all harmoniously live together under a central theme.

Purpose isn’t singular. It’s not meant to be lived and developed within one day and with one single practice. You don’t say your purpose is to impact women and you help one woman with her self-confidence. It’s continuous and it can sometimes be a little heavy.

We have to think about:

  1. How your purpose impacts you
  2. How your purpose impacts the people around you
  3. How your purpose will impact future generations
  4. How your purpose intersects with your business

When we pull in the personal space piece, we think about:

  1. What do you need to pay attention to that will expand your own views and boundaries?
  2. What kind of spaces and havens can you create for the people around you? For those waiting on your full vision to come to life?
  3. What spaces will be around years and years to come that will impact future generations?
  4. What space can you create within your business that also intersects with your greater purpose?

Before we tie our purpose in with our business and new projects, we have to make sure that our purpose is able to stand on its own feet. That on its own, it’s grounded and secure and has roots. 

When you know your purpose, you know it can take on different forms. We recently watched The Black Godfather special on Clarence Avant (watch the trailer below and go to Netflix for the full documentary). And what we gathered from Clarence’s impact and life is that he had the same mission all along but it often took different forms: he helped music artists get the money they deserved, he helped a professional baseball player with an endorsement deal from Coca-Cola, he stopped a knock-off Soul Train from being broadcast to undermine Don Cornelius’ Purposeful Work, he even helped Barack Obama, way before his presidency, gain prime time airtime to spread his message that would later become the foundation for his presidency. 

In all of that, and much more, he maintained his composure and fought not only for his people but for fairness, equality in pay and opportunity. If you had Clarence on your side, he made sure you got what you deserved rather he had to cuss out everyone in his way or sit in on meetings full of executives and lawyers, he made sure the stakes were accurate and fair. 

Clarence could have written a book on business negotiations just as easily as he could arrange those meetings and get things done. In both ways, he was fulfilling his duty. Your purpose isn’t singular. It doesn’t begin and end with one big project like a book or a course. If it did, you would have no reason to Purposeful Work or do anything worthwhile after you hit publish.

“Our mantra, tagline, and way of life, ‘Redefining the Hustle’ applies here too: you can redefine how you fill your Purposeful Work portfolio and how it translates into work the public can consume and be inspired by without losing yourself in the process.”

If your “purpose portfolio” was only meant to one hold thing, it wouldn’t be a portfolio. Our goal with TBH is to help you to see things in different lights and move in different ways in order to achieve your biggest dreams for your life. Our mantra, tagline and way of life, “Redefining the Hustle” applies here too: you can redefine how you fill your purpose portfolio and how it translates into work the public can consume and be inspired by without losing yourself in the process. If this post helped you to understand your purpose more or even get the wheels turning, let us know in the comments.


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